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Welcome to Our Regimental Association

Welcome to our website.  Our Association exists to preserve the memory of The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment and its forebears, The Devonshire Regiment and The Dorset Regiment, and to maintain the close comradeship that our members found during their service in these renowned British Army infantry regiments.  We also give our staunchest support to the new Regiment into which our Regiment was merged in 2007 - The Rifles, in which the Infantrymen of Devon and Dorset now serve.

Please browse our site to learn more about our history, objectives, organisation and activities. Our About Us and Events pages will tell you who we are, how we are organised and alert you to our future gatherings and events.

Association Membership and the Members Area

Membership of our Association is open to anyone who has served with The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, its antecedent Regiments and members of our successor Regiment - The Rifles.  See our Association Rules for the full details. If you fall into any of the categories listed there you can be an Association member.  You should supply us with your details so we can add you to our Registered Members List.  Visit our Members Area page to find out how.  It only takes a minute to register and you only have to apply once.

Once you have registered, we will supply you with a password so you can log into the Members Area pages on this website.  There you will get additional Association information that is only for our members, such as detailed news, more information about our activities, contact details for our Branches and Focal Points and the e-version of The Janner, our monthly newsletter. 


We are delighted to announce that we are going to place a splendid new memorial to honour our three Regiments at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA); the nation's centre for remembrance.

What's it all about?

Our memorial will be a visible, national legacy of The Devonshire Regiment, The Dorset Regiment and The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment. It will demonstrate the pride we members have in our Regimental service and will tell our story to generations to come.

We invite all those who served in our three Regiments, their families, friends and people in the communities from which our soldiers came, our 'Wider Regimental Family', to join us in making this happen. 

All the details of this exciting project are on our special Memorial Page.

NMA photo by kind permission of The National Memorial Arboretum which retains its copyright.

What will the memorial be like?

Shown on the right is a detail - visit the Memorial Page to see the whole thing!

Funding our memorial needs your assistance!

You can become a joint owner of our memorial by making a contribution to its cost. All the details of how you can make a gift towards it are on the Memorial Page. Anyone can make a donation and we hope you will do so! You can click the totalizer there to see how much we have raised and view a list of names of those of us who have contributed so far.

The Patron of our Memorial Appeal is HRH The Duke of Kent.
Our Vice Patrons are the Lord-Lieutenants of Devon and Dorset.

To all those who served in our three Regiments and to our 'Wider Regimental Family': 

Visit our Memorial Page to find out:

- How you can join in and contribute
- How much we have raised so far on our totalizer
- Who has made a donation

Mike Richardson, Fundraising Manager, says: 'Helping to fund this enduring memorial in the heart of our nation, and so becoming one of its joint owners, is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we need to get the ball rolling now! Once we unveil the memorial, I think we'll all be proud of what we have achieved.

Please take the opportunity to join us with your donation as soon as you can - and watch the totalizer turn!'

What our memorial means to me

'We that are left now of the Devon and Dorset's you see marching through Exeter on our regimental day are the last of the Devon and Dorset Regiment. When we are gone there will be no-one ... all the families of men who served in the regiment, and died in the regiment: all of those families will have somewhere to go and look and say: 'that's where they were'.

Keith Hicks

Devonshire and Devonshire and Dorset Regiments, whose father, Cpl Arthur Hicks, went 'over the top' on The Somme on 1st July 1916 with B Company, 2nd Devons.

This national memorial to our three proud Regiments will illustrate, to generations to come: 'Our Legacy'.

Association Programme - 01 September to 30 September

30 Tiverton F/P meeting, RBL Club, Tiverton at 7.30 pm. 

Association Programme - 01 October to 31 October

03  Honiton F/P meeting, The Heathfield Inn, Honiton at 1pm.

07  Plymouth (Late Devons) Branch meeting, Crownhill Families Club, Fort Road, Crownhill at 1030- 12 noon.

07  Plymouth D and D Branch meeting, RBL Crownhill, Tailyour Road, Crownhill at 7.30pm

07  Exeter Branch meeting, Whipton Institute Club at 7.30pm

07  Officers’ Club Sandwich Lunch, Wyvern Bks, Exeter

08  Torbay & Teignbridge F/P meeting, Lord Nelson Kingskerswell 1930 hrs

14  Poole Branch meeting, RBL Club, 66 North Road, Parkstone, Poole, at 2.15pm.

14  Veterans Regimental Lunch, Wyvern Bks, Exeter 12 noon

14  Tiverton F/P meeting, RBL Club, Tiverton at 7.30 pm.

17  Bridport Branch meeting, at The Haddon House Hotel, West Bay, Bridport at 11.30 am.

18  Southampton and District Branch meeting, Locksheath Working Men’s Club, Duncan Road, Park Gate at 12.00 pm.

19  Exmouth F/P meeting, Exmouth Football Club, Southern Road from 1 pm.

21  Gillingham Branch Annual Dinner – Olive Bowl Events Centre Gillingham

26  Tirah Ceremony Borough Gardens Dorchester 1100 hrs. 

Check our Calendar page for the details and our Local Organisation page for contact information. Why don't you join our members at our local gatherings? They would be delighted to see you.

Visit our Calendar page for notice of meetings throughout the year.

New Information

27 May 2017: Devonshire and Dorset Regimental Association annual reunion after party at the Exeter White Ensign Club

27 May 2017: Devonshire and Dorset Regimental Association annual reunion.

23 - 24 September 2016: Annual JBO, Exeter for more information click here.

29 July 2016: Summer Meet for Janners in London Friday the 29th July for more info click here.

25 June 2016: National Armed Forces Day. Events are happening up and down the country to find what's happening in your area take a look at the Armed Forces Day website. With so many events taking place there is sure to be something close by.

5 March 2016: Service of Rededication - Sherborne Abbey, for more information click here.

The Devonshire and Dorset Regimental Association facebook page.  We now have a facebook page click here to view.

The Keep Military Museum: The Keep Military museum has had it's website refreshed and it is now looking better than ever. It has a number of new features including a redesigned online shop. Take a look now by using this link The Keep Military Museum.

November 2014: The Keep Military Museum: The Keep Military museum has had it's website refreshed and it is now looking better than ever. It has a number of new features including a redesigned online shop. Yake a look now by using this link The Keep Military Museum.

Members' Notice Board

You'll find a great deal of useful information on the Notice Board page in our Members Area, including:

Defence Privilage Card. A discount card for members of the Armed Forces, families and veterans, has been introduced. Members who have served can join. 

Employment.  When we are informed of employment possibilities, we place them here.

Supporting our Association.  Our Association is a charity and needs your suppport.  See how you can contribute.

Preparing for the Death of a Loved One.  Nobody likes to think of their eventual passing, but preparations made whilst you are fit and healthy can make managing afterwards much easier for your loved ones. 

Regimental Battle Honours

Thiepval, France WW1
26 September 1916

As part of the battle of the Somme, the British launched a new attack on the River Ancre. This required a preliminary operation to clear a spur of high ground north of Thiepval. The attack was made by British and Canadians along a 6000 yard front. The British were to capture a number of German redoubts and Thiepval village.

On the left, the 11th Division, containing 5th Dorsets, attacked Mouquet Farm and the Zollern Redoubt. They suffered heavy losses, not least from intense artillery fire, but the survivors dug in whilst other troops came forward to finish the job. 

5th Dorsets withdrew on 27 September, having suffered some 400 casualties. But in its first battle, the battalion had acquitted itself well. After 3 days the British had reached their objectives, but were unable to clear 2 redoubts. They fell in October.

Canal Du Nord, France WW1
27 September 1918

This battle was one of the preliminary operations undertaken by the Allies before the assault on the main German Hindenburg Line in the autumn of 1918.

The task of crossing the formidable obstacle of the Canal du Nord required careful planning and precisely organised artillery and engineer support. To the north, Canadian troops attacked towards on Sains-lez-Marquion. To their south, the British advanced in the direction of Cambrai. A number of our forebear battalions were involved.

The 5th Division, containing 1st Devons, was on flank protection.

5th Devons in the 62nd Division crossed the Canal at 6.00am, and reached Marcoing with only light casualties.

5th Dorsets in the 11th Division also crossed the Canal and by early October had advanced several miles to the east.

In 2 days an Allied advance of 6 miles was made on a 12 mile front, and 10,000 enemy prisoners and 200 guns were taken. This spectacular success represented a vital preliminary to the British Fourth Army’s attack on the Hindenburg Line scheduled for 29 September.

Kut al Amara, Mesopatamia, WW1
28 September 1915

In 1915 elements of the British Army, mainly from India, were sent to secure the strategically vital oilfields at the head of the Persian Gulf, then part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Having attained their objective in late 1915, the 6th Indian Division, containing 2nd Dorsets, was ordered to advance up the Tigris valley to Baghdad. The Turks had entrenched themselves on both banks of the River Tigris.

Having successfully crossed the river, the division attacked from the north on 28 September. The Dorsets, within the 16th Brigade, were initially in reserve, and moved off at 11.00 pm, digging in later to avoid shell fire during the night. At 9.30 am, in sweltering heat, the battalion advanced against the Turkish Northern Redoubt across open ground swept by fire. Casualties began to mount.

The final assault occurred at 10.00 am. The Turks fought well, but were overcome. The Central Redoubt was then taken and the exhausted British and Indian troops pushed forward until nightfall. The Turks withdrew to prepared positions to the north at Ctesiphon. 2nd Dorsets had lost 17 men, with a further 143 wounded.

Quentin Canal, France WW1
29 September 1918

This was a pivotal battle during the Allied 1918 ‘100 days’ advance through the German defences. The preparatory bombardment began on the evening of 26 September. Gas and high-explosive shells wreaked havoc on the German lines. At 5.50am, having assembled in rain and darkness, the Fourth Army attacked on a 12-mile front south east of Péronne through dense fog and smoke, and in the din of machine-guns, tank engines and artillery.

In the north, the drive eastwards was made by American and Australian divisions. In the south, the British IX Corps overran the German outer defences, stormed the canal and captured the surviving bridges.

At 11.45 am, the 32nd Division, containing 1st Dorsets, moved through the attacking force to continue the advance. Its objective was the Beaurevoir Line. The Dorsets advanced, crossed the canal and attacked La Fleche Wood, capturing 385 prisoners and a number of field guns. The next day, they captured Levergies and some 400 prisoners, before being relieved.

The battle, despite some setbacks, proved a stunning success. The Hindenburg Line had been firmly breached.

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