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The National Memorial to the infantry regiments of the counties of Devon and Dorset is located in the Heart of England at the National Memorial Arboretum. The memorial salutes the 137 years' service of The Devonshire Regiment, The Dorset Regiment and, these two having been amalgamated in 1958, their successor regiment, The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, which existed for 49 years until it was merged with other regiments to form The Rifles, in which the infantrymen of Devon and Dorset now serve.

The memorial is a permanent mark of the county regiments at our nation's centre of remembrance, reflecting our history and spirit, and our shared heritage and service.

 It is not just a military monument. It:

  • Salutes the faithful commitment to their country of the people of Devon and Dorset.
  • Honours the service and traditions of the regiments.
  • ​Remembers the soldiers of all three regiments, particularly those who fell.
  • Pays tribute to the families from where our soldiers came - the wider regimental family.
  • Acknowledges the loyal commitment and support of the community.
  • Serves to inform generations to come.

We believe that our legacy is now well-founded. Our regiments will live on in perpetuity in the records of our history, our Regimental Chapels in Exeter Cathedral and Sherborne Abbey, in memorials on battlefields across the world and also in the members of our Regimental Association; our Old Comrades.

If you served with any of our regiments, if your family had members in our regiments, if Devon and Dorset soldiers were your friends or colleagues, or if you honour the service of these proud county regiments - you are part of our 'Wider Regimental Family'. This is your memorial.

This happy outcome was made possible by artistic excellence, a team of stalwart individuals who planned and managed the project and through the overwhelming response of a plethora of organisations and individuals across our two counties and beyond, who contributed with enormous generosity to the memorial's cost.


Our memorial reflects the joint ethos, county culture and essence of our three regiments. It consists of three life-sized figures created by internationally-renowned sculptor Vivien Mallock and forged in the Talos Art Foundry.

The statues are positioned on stone plinths featuring regimental titles and framed by an 8-foot stone backing with relevant regimental badges.  ‘IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO SERVED’ is engraved on the centre backing stone. Plinths and headstones are in Priory stone prepared by Phoenix Marble and Granite

The figures comprise a Devonshire Regiment soldier fighting on The Somme in 1916 during the First World War, a Dorset Regiment soldier in 1944 at the Battle of Kohima as part of the Burma Campaign in the Second World War and a soldier of The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment on patrol in Northern Ireland during the 1970s.

Though representing three separate generations and different conflicts, these figures appear in harmony, part of an enduring family and all of them seem to be preparing to move off on their next operational task. 

As well as being simple, highly distinctive and dignified, the detail of clothing, weapons and equipment is accurate and the facial expressions are excellent, imparting that sense of comradeship and determination for which we are renowned. The design has considerable impact and amounts to a powerful statement of our Regiments’ heritage.

Vivien's creation is a masterpiece.

Vivien Mallock at the memorial at the NMA on our dedication day. Photographs by David Bowden.


Our Fundraising Team was given the job of raising half the £140,000 cost of our memorial; £70,000. The balance would be made up by using our precious regimental funds.
We set to work in April 2016, contacting our membership, advertising our appeal, manning stalls at events throughout Devon and Dorset, holding press briefings and writing copious letters to all our friends and those who we hoped would become our friends. The people who worked hard to do all this are on our Fundraising Team List, and we are very grateful to them all. Click here to view a video example our publicity message.
The task seemed attainable but challenging, however we were unprepared for the overwhelming generosity of individuals and organisations throughout our two counties and beyond. People rallied to the cause.
By the time we dedicated the memorial in September 2017, we had raised a staggering £120,000. On behalf of our Trustees and the whole of our regimental family, we are hugely grateful to all who gave so willingly and so well.

This means that more of our regimental funds can be retained for future projects.

Our formal fundraising is now concluded, but if you are inspired by what we have achieved, it's still possible to add a donation to the cause. See how you can do this below.
Throughout our fundraising appeal, we maintained a list of those who contributed. This is our Donors' List. In September 2018, these names will be recorded in our National Memorial Book that will be retained at The Keep Museum, Dorchester. The names or all those who have contributed, including those who do so until then, will thus be preseved to inform generations to come.
If your name or details are not accurate on our Donors' List, please email us at: with the corrections.
Our splendid municipal and corporate sponsors are also recorded. They are shown below.

How can I donate?

You can still make a gift towards the cost of our memorial in a variety of ways:

  • Cheque.
  • Bank Standing Order.
  • Cash.
  • Online - via Virgin Money Giving. See instructions below.
  • Text.
  • Faster Payment and BACS.

All these payment methods are described in our How to Donate document which you should visit for the details you will need, including how to tell us who the donation is from. If you want to make your gift online, you can use the Virgin Money Giving link below.

Please consider adding Gift Aid if you are eligible. It will effectively increase your donation by 25% at no cost to yourself. Gift Aid can only be claimed on personal donations from UK tax-payers.

We are really grateful for all your donations. 100% of them will go towards funding the memorial.

Donate on-line

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

You can donate online via our Virgin Money Giving page - it's easy!

Click the logo. There are instructions as to how to include Gift Aid with your contribution.


Donate in remembrance

You can make your donation in remembrance of a relative, colleague or friend who served in any of our three Regiments. Simply, create a few, simple details, such as ...

'In memory of Sgt Tommy Atkins, 1st Dorsets, killed in action 1916'


'In memory of Tommy Atkins, D and D, 1959-1972'.

... and add them to your donation slip if giving by cheque or cash. If donating on line, you can put your tribute in the message box. If donating by text, faster payment or BACS, please email our Regimental Secretary at: with the details.

All Remembrance messages will be included in our Memorial Book. Remember to include your own name as well so the details can be matched to your donation.

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