The Regimental Association of the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment

Association Rules

Association Rules

  1. Background.  The Regimental Association of the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment (D and D) was formed at a Vesting Day on 14 May 1988.  It derived from from the ex-Devonshire Regiment Old Comrades Association, the ex-Dorset Regiment Old Comrades Association and the Devonshire and Dorset Regimental Association .  The Association is a Charity within the overarching Devonshire and Dorset Regimental Charity administered by the Regimental Trustees.  The decision that the Association should be incorporated into the Regimental Charity was taken at the Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Exeter on 13 May 1989.
  2. Definitions.  The Regimental Association of the D and D Regiment is referred to throughout these Rules as ‘The Association’.  ‘The Regiment’ in this document refers to The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment, The Devonshire Regiment and the Dorset Regiment. 
  3. Process.  The provisions of the Charity Commission Scheme 1023683 concerning committees stipulate that Regimental Trustees should be in a majority to make decisions.  The Regimental Trustees agreed, however, not to overrule decisions made by a majority at an Association AGM unless, in their opinion, those decisions fell outside the terms of the Charity Commission Scheme
  4. The objectives of the Association are:
    1. To promote the efficiency of the Army by maintaining:
      1. Contact between past and present members of The Regiment, fostering mutual friendship between them and providing suitable social gatherings.
      2. The esprit de corps and comradeship that members found whilst serving.
      3. The traditions of The Regiment, and to publicise and disseminate information concerning the history, deeds and customs of the Regiment.
    2. To alert The Rifles, which now manages welfare funds on behalf of its antecedent regiments, to any welfare needs of past members of The Regiment and their dependants who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.
    3. To encourage recruiting into The Rifles.
  5. The Association will comprise:
    1. Members.  Any Officer, Warrant Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer or Soldier who has at any time served in The Regiment.  Qualifying service includes that with the Regular Army, Territorial Army (TA), and TA Volunteer Reserve, on War-time, Home Guard or National Service.  It also includes membership of C and E Companies 1st Battalion The Wessex Regiment, and The Rifle Volunteers.  Adults of Army Cadet Force and Combined Cadet Force units affiliated to the Regiment are also included.
    2. Honorary Members.  The following may apply for Honorary Membership of The Association:
      1. Any member of The Rifles’ antecedent regiments.
      2. Regular and Territorial Army personnel of other Corps, who have had attached service with any unit mentioned in Paragraphs 5a above. 
      3. Any individual outside of the definitions in Sub-Paragraphs 5a and 5b above, who gives particular good service to The Association.
    3. Membership Acceptance.  Individuals may be accepted as a Member by the Secretary, providing the individual’s credence is proved.  The Secretary will refer cases in doubt to the Standing Committee.  Acceptance as an Honorary Member of The Association under Sub-Paragraph 5b(1) and 5b(2) is subject to approval by the Standing Committee.  A list will provided at each AGM.  Acceptance as an Honorary Member of The Association under Sub-Paragraph 5b(3) is subject to approval by the AGM. 
    4. Branch Membership.  Branches may include any Association Member or Honorary Member as a Branch Member.  Additional Branch Honorary Membership may be approved at the AGMs of Branches.  Branch Honorary membership does not confer honorary membership of The Association as a whole.  Branches wishing to gain Association Honorary Membership for their Honorary Members may apply to the Standing Committee, via the Secretary.
  6. Withdrawal of Membership.  If it is considered in the interests of The Association, membership may be withdrawn by a two-thirds majority of the Standing Committee.
  7. Membership Card.  All new Association Members and Honorary Members will be issued with an Association membership card.
  8. Membership  Register.  A central register of all members, including Honorary Members, will be maintained by the Secretary.
  9. Patron.  The Royal Colonel of 1st Battalion The Rifles will always be invited to honour The Association by consenting to be its Patron.
  10. President.  The Chairman of Trustees will usually be the President of The Association.
  11. Vice-President.  The Colonel for Devon and Dorset of The Rifles, if one is appointed, is ex-officio Vice-President of The Association.
  12. Chairman.  A Chairman, who is responsible for the detailed running of The Association through the Standing Committee, will be elected at an AGM.  He will serve for not less than three and not more than five years.
  13. Vice-Chairmen.  Two Vice-Chairmen, one for the County of Devon and one for the County of Dorset, may be appointed at an AGM to assist the Chairman in his duties.  Their terms of office will run for three years.  Each person so appointed shall be eligible for re-appointment at subsequent AGMs.
  14. Secretary and Treasurer.  The Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed from the Officers on the staff of the Devon and Dorset offices of The Rifles.  Members of The Association may be appointed as Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer if approved at an AGM.
  15. Honorary Chaplains.  The AGM may appoint Honorary Chaplains to The Association (as in Sub-Sub-Paragraph 5b(3) above).  Branches may, at their Branch AGMs, appoint Honorary Branch Chaplains (as in Sub-Paragraph 5d above).
  16. Role.  A Standing Committee will make such decisions as may be necessary between meetings of the AGM.  Decisions by the Standing Committee will be reported to the President and Board of Trustees and endorsed at the subsequent AGM.
  17. Composition.  The Standing Committee shall consist of:
    1. The Chairman.
    2. The two Vice-Chairmen.
    3. One representative having attained the rank of Warrant Officer within the Regiment.
    4. One representative from a nominated Branch, voted in at the AGM, normally a President or Chairman.
    5. Three members form a quorum.
  18. Frequency.  The Standing Committee will meet at least 3 times per year.
  19. Frequency.  An AGM will take place annually, normally on the same day as the Regimental Reunion. The date, time and place of the AGM will be notified to all members at least 30 days beforehand.  The Chairman, after consultation with the President, may convene additional Extraordinary General Meetings of The Association, where they consider this appropriate.
  20. Appointments.  All meetings will be chaired by the Chairman of The Association, or in his absence one of the Vice-Chairmen.  The Secretary will be AGM Secretary.
  21. Agenda.  Members present will approve the accounts and deal with all other Association matters.  The AGM will be invited to endorse decisions made on behalf of The Association by the Standing Committee during the previous year.  All decisions will be taken on a majority of votes cast at the meeting.  Members shall have the right to table motions for consideration at the AGM, provided notice of the motion has been given to the Secretary not later than 14 clear days prior to the date of the meeting.  Copies of the Agenda will be sent to members who request them not later than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting and will be available to all members at the meeting.
  22. A Minute Book containing the Minutes of all Association Standing Committee meetings and AGMs will be maintained by the Secretary.
  23. The Association will arrange an annual Regimental Reunion, the budget for which will be approved by the Standing Committee.
  24. The Association will parade annually at the Regimental Reunion and on any other occasion in the year as approved by the AGM.
  25. The Association will attend an annual Service of Remembrance or Drumhead Service at the Regimental Reunion, and it may hold services on any other occasion as approved by the AGM.
  26. An annual Association Newsletter will be produced by the staff of the Rifles Exeter Office or by a person agreed by the Standing Committee and endorsed by the Trustees. It will be provided free to all members of The Association, though a contribution towards distribution costs may be required from time to time.  The cost of the Newsletter will be reviewed annually.
  27. Members will be encouraged to make an annual donation to assist with the cost of producing the publication.
  28. The finances of The Association will be conducted through The Association Fund maintained by the Treasurer.  The account will be audited annually and submitted for approval by the Regimental Trustees and the AGM.
  29. Members of the Standing Committee who attend meetings may be reimbursed reasonable travel expenses from Association funds.
  30. The reasonable expenses of Standard Bearers will be refunded where they are required to be on parade to represent The Association.
  31. Regimental ties, blazer badges and lapel badges, including those of the former Regiments and Associations, are available on repayment from The Rifles Exeter Office and the Keep Military Museum, Dorchester.
  32. The Regimental Trustees undertake not to alter the Rules of The Association without first seeking or receiving the advice of the Standing Committee and ratification by an AGM.  This will always be providing such alterations are not in breach of the Charity Commission Scheme for the Regimental Charity.
  33. All members may be supplied with a copy of these Rules on application to the Secretary.



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