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A warm welcome to our Regimental Association members and to everyone visiting this page!

We are creating a new memorial to three County Regiments of Devon and Dorset in the Heart of England at the National Memorial Arboretum - a permanent mark of our Regiments at our nation's centre of remembrance. It will be a memorial of true quality to reflect our history and spirit, and our shared heritage and service.

It is not just a military monument. It will:

  • Salute the faithful commitment to their country of the people of Devon and Dorset.
  • Honour the service and tradition of the regiments.
  • Remember the soldiers of all regiments, particularly those who fell.
  • Pay tribute to the families from where our soldiers came - the wider regimental family.
  • Acknowledge the loyal commitment and support of the community.
  • Serve to educate generations to come.

If you served with any of our Regiments, this is your memorial that will record and honour your service and the friends you made. If your family had members in our Regiments in any generation, if Devon and Dorset soldiers were your friends or colleagues, or if you honour the service of these proud county regiments - you are part of our 'Wider Regimental Family':

Click your county flag to hear a message that tells you more.

And as a Devon and Dorset, or member of our 'Wider Regimental Family', please join us by contributing to the cause.

You can see who has contributed to our appeal so far on our Donors' List, which is updated weekly. At the close of our fundraising appeal, these names will be recorded in our National Memorial Book that will be retained at The Keep Museum, Dorchester. Why not donate today and get your name in the book?

  • If donating as 'Anonymous', your name will not appear on our list of donors.

  • Name or details not accurate on our Donors' List? Please email us with the corrections.


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The regular, territorial, volunteer and national service infantrymen of The Devonshire Regiment and The Dorset Regiment served across the globe and took part with notable distinction in two world wars, when their country needed them most. They were amalgamated in 1958 to form The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment. 

These regiments enjoyed fine reputations for professionalism and drew on the strong relationships with the counties from which they derived; our ‘wider Regimental family’. In 2007, the Regiment was merged with others to form The Rifles. 

Our Regimental Association is made up of over 2,500 former members of these Regiments; close comrades who maintain the friendships we made in service, honour our Regiments and remember those who have fallen in conflict.

You can find out more about us on our 'About Us' page: click here


Our memorial will be created by the renowned sculptor Vivien Mallock and will thus be a work of national importance. It will consist of three bronze, life-sized figures. The memorial will be created from the artist’s model shown on the right and will portray the spirit of professionalism and fellowship felt by members of these proud regiments. Click the photo for a bigger image.

The Devonshire Regiment will be represented by a soldier fighting on the Somme in 1916 during the First World War; the Dorset Regiment by a soldier in 1944 at the Battle of Kohima as part of the Burma Campaign in the Second World War; and the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment by a soldier on patrol in Northern Ireland during the 1970s. 

Our memorial will reflect the joint ethos, county culture and essence of our three Regiments. As well as being simple, highly distinctive and dignified, the detail of clothing, weapons and equipment will be accurate and the facial expressions are excellent, imparting that sense of comradeship and determination for which we are renowned. 

The statues will be positioned on stone plinths featuring Regimental titles and framed by an 8-foot stone backing with relevant Regimental badges.  ‘IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO SERVED’ will be engraved on the centre backing stone. Plinths and headstones will be of Priory stone, similar to Portland stone, but more durable. The design is impressive, has considerable impact and amounts to a powerful statement of our Regiments’ heritage.

An excellent location has been acquired in the NMA, which guarantees that thousands of visitors will view our memorial each year. You can see more details of the site on our Memorial News Page.

The site is approximately 10 x 10 metres and will include a panel explaining our history. A pathway wide enough for wheel chairs leading towards the memorial will allow closer inspection of the figures.  

The photo shows Vivien Mallock working on her model. This will form the basis for the bronze, life-sized final version.


Many people will be familiar with the NMA. It is the UK's national centre for remembrance; a 15-acre site containing some 300 memorials and 30,000 trees located near Lichfield in Staffordshire. The NMA attracts some 300,000 visitors per year.

The NMA ‘is the UK's year-round centre of Remembrance; a spiritually uplifting place which honours the fallen, recognises service and sacrifice, and fosters pride in our country. It is a living and lasting memorial’. (NMA website).

A central memorial at the NMA commemorates every individual who has died on active service since World War 2, and other monuments there honour a multiplicity of military formations and regiments, and organisations that have in some way served our nation. It is here that future generations will learn of the part each one has played. 

Those of our members who have visited there have found what an inspiring place it is. To find out about the NMA, visit its website and watch the video introduction. We hope you will become as enthusiastic as we are in creating a Regimental presence there. 

NMA photos by kind permission of The National Memorial Arboretum which retains their copyright.


A Dedication Ceremony will be held at the memorial site on Sunday 17th September 2017. Full details, including confirmed timings and instructions as to how to register to attend were enclosed with the March 2017 Regimental Newsletter. If you are a member of our Regimental Association and did not receive a copy, contact our regimental staff in Exeter: Email, or Phone 01392 492436 (mornings only).

It promises to be a great Regimental Occasion.


Our memorial will cost £140,000.

To all who served in our Regiments, to 'The Wider Regimental Family' and anyone who values the distinguished service of these proud West Country regiments - there is an opportunity for you to become a joint-owner of this impressive memorial by making a donation towards its cost.

Scroll down to see how.


By donating to our appeal, you will:

Honour your service and the achievements of all the soldiers and their families associated with these proud county regiments. You will remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives, and leave a permanent, national legacy of our county regiments to inform generations to come.

Become a joint-owner of this splendid monument. A smart, leather-bound Memorial Book containing the names of all donors, but not the amount donated, will be created at the end of our fundraising appeal and will feature in the collection at The Keep Museum in Dorchester. See our Donors List (updated weekly) for the names of those who, so far, will be included. Why not join them?

You may make a donation in memory of a relation or friend who served in our regiments (see below). 

Want to be further inspired?

John 'Paddy' Wibberley was one of the key instigators of our memorial project and is an ardent campaigner on its behalf. Read his heartfelt message - 'A Call to Arms' to all members of our regiments: click here


You can make a gift towards the cost of our memorial in a variety of ways:

  • Cheque.
  • Bank Standing Order.
  • Cash.
  • Online - via Virgin Money Giving. See instructions below.
  • Text.
  • Faster Payment and BACS.

All these payment methods are described in our How to Donate document which you should visit for the details you will need, including how to tell us who the donation is from. If you want to make your gift online, you can use the Virgin Money Giving link below.

Please consider adding Gift Aid if you are eligible. It will effectively increase your donation by 25% at no cost to yourself. Gift Aid can only be claimed on personal donations from UK tax-payers.

We hope you will contribute as generously as your personal circumstances allow, but all gifts of any size will be most gratefully received. 

Please note that, by kind permission of our Association Chairman, Bill Sharpe, all contributions to our Regimental Association this year will go towards the memorial appeal, except those specifically intended to support our Reunion and Newsletter. 

Donate on-line

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

You can donate online via our Virgin Money Giving page - it's easy!

Click the logo. There are instructions as to how to include Gift Aid with your contribution.

Donations can be one off or you can set up a monthly payment to spread the cost.

Monthly giving - a great way to contribute

Haven't got a lump sum to contribute? No problem. For the price of a few pints a month, you can make a sizeable donation during the year by giving on a monthly basis.

For example, a monthly £10 donation for a year will give our appeal £120. With Gift Aid, this rises to £150!

There are two ways to do this:

  • Just access the Standing Order Form on our Payment Instruction Document, fill it in and send it to Geoff Nicholls in Exeter (address on the form) and he'll do the rest.
  • Visit our Virgin Money Giving site and click the 'Make a Monthly Donation' tab on the left of the page. Follow the instructions.


You can make your donation in remembrance of a relative, colleague or friend who served in any of our three Regiments. Simply, create a few, simple details, such as:

       'In memory of Sgt Tommy Atkins, 1st Dorsets, killed in action 1916', or:

       'In memory of Tommy Atkins, D and D, 1959-1972'.

... and add them to your donation slip if giving by cheque or cash. If donating on line, you can put your tribute in the message box. If donating by text, faster payment or BACS, please email our Regimental secretary with the details.

All Remembrance messages will be included in our Memorial Book. Remember to include your own name as well so the details can be matched to your donation.

We are really grateful for all your donations. 100% of them will go towards funding the memorial.

Please follow progress on this page and on Facebook.

And visit read our news articles on our Memorial News page.


If you would like to commemorate a relative who served in the First World War, who was killed, wounded or survived, you can do this by obtaining your own personalised copy of the moving poem 'The Roll Call' by Dave Bamber, which will be a lasting commemoration of your ancestor and also help to fund our National Memorial.

Visit our Memorial News Page to read all about it and to take part in this splendid initiative by Dave.

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For in-depth news articles, visit our Memorial News Page.

To see who has donated to our appeal so far, visit our Donors' List.

Click the photos below for bigger versions.

21 June 2017

Fantastic support from Dorset

Our National Memorial Fund continues to increase apace and this Monday, it received a massive boost from Dorset County Council. Representing our Regimental Association at the Council's annual flag-raising ceremony in Dorchester, Major John Gaye collected a huge (in both senses of the word) cheque for £5,000 from Council Chairman, Cllr Hilary Cox and Former Chairman, Cllr Andrew Cattaway, an ex-Gunner.

It is wonderful that the Council has chosen to support our appeal in this marvellous way. Its most generous donation, on behalf of the citizens of Dorset, pays tribute to the achievements and sacrifices of those of all generations who served in the Devon and Dorsets and encapsulates the firm connection that has always existed between our Regiment and our two home counties.

Many thanks Dorset – we are all very grateful!

Devon Masons support us

We have just received a splendid donation to our National Memorial appeal from The Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire - the Masons in Devon. It's great to be supported by these generous people, who can now consider themselves firmly part of our 'Wider Regimental Family'. Many thanks indeed. 

09 June 2017

Contribution communiqué​

As you will see from our latest Donors' List (updated weekly) we have just received generous contributions to our National Memorial appeal from Shaftesbury Town Council and the Old Honitonians Club - Old Boys of Allhallows School. Many thanks indeed for their great donations. 

We also note that a number of people have concluded their year-long commitment to contribute to our fund via monthly Standing Orders. We are very grateful to them all for maintaining their valuable payments for the full term.

... and we're still in business. Councils and companies continue to join in, and individuals can still do so as well to get their name into our official National Memorial Donors' Book. All the ways to donate are shown in the HOW CAN I DONATE? section on the left of this page. 

Many thanks to all our marvellous donors!

Photo of Gold Hill, Shaftesbury by Sean Davis. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. 

26 May 2017

Cobham Mission Systems joins our appeal

We are delighted to have received a donation towards the cost of our National Memorial from Wimborne-based Cobham Mission Systems. Cobham is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of aerospace and defense technology and systems, and now very much part of our Wider Regimental Family.

We are enormously grateful for their support.

19 May 2017

Association visit to the sculptor's studio

On Tuesday 16th May, members of our Regimental Association visited the sculptor's studio to see how our three National Memorial figures are getting on. It was a fascinating day.

Visit our Memorial News Page to read all about it ...

... and find out what's inside the white thing in the picture!

04 May 2017

Somme figure unveiled

The third and final of our three National Memorial figures has been completed by our sculptor, Vivien Mallock. It depicts a soldier of the Devonshire Regiment at the Battle of The Somme in 1916. Visit our Memorial News Page to see the result.

28 April 2017

£90,000 up!

We are delighted to announce that, because of recent generous donations, our National Memorial appeal has now raised over £90,000. This is an extroadinary tribute to all our individual, corporate and municipal contributors, and the great regard in which they hold our County Infantry Regiments. Very many thanks to all.

Haven't donated? There's still time to ensure that your name is inscribed on our Donors' List (updated weekly) as a firm Devon and Dorset Regiment supporter, and be recognised as such by generations to come. Just visit the HOW CAN I DONATE? section on the left of this page and make us a gift via your preferred donation method.

Let's see how much more we can raise!

20 April 2017

Gift Aid Bonanza

Did you add Gift Aid to your donation towards our National Memorial appeal? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that we have just received a whopping £10, 219 in Gift Aid for the year up to 5 April 2017. That's a fantastic amount and it's the result of the generous donations from our Regimental Association members and Wider Regimental Family. Very many thanks.

The money is still rolling in; about £1,000 this week alone and we are approaching £90,000. There's still time to join our Regimental family, make a gift and get your name on our Donors' List (updated weekly). All the ways to do this are on our How to Donate letter. Anyone reading this message can contribute.

Let's push the total up to a nice round £100,000!

14 April 2017

Dorset cadets fall in

As you can see from this week's Donors List (updated weekly), we have just received a generous donation from the Dorset Army Cadet League; a charity that helps provide education and training for the Dorset Army Cadet Force. This kind gift complements the contribution we have already received from the Devon Army Cadet Force Association and we are all very grateful.

These two cadet forces share in the history of our county regiments. Our National Memorial will serve to inform and remind generations of Army cadets of this very proud heritage. 

You can read on-line about the Devon Army Cadet Force - click here, and the Dorset Army Cadet Force - click here.

04 April 2017

We're one year old!

Fundraising for our National Memorial started one year ago this month. Facing a challenging bill of £140,000 for our project, we initially set about raising half the sum - £70,000, whilst our Regimental funds would contribute the other half.

We were delighted, but not that surprised given the unstinting loyalty our Regimental Association and Wider Regimental Family, that we reached this as early as last autumn. In consequence, so that our charity funds can be used where they are much-need elsewhere, and to allow those yet to contribute to be able to do so, our appeal has remained fully open.

The good news is that we have now raised some £85,762, including the Gift Aid we assess we will receive from individual donations. This is an exceptional sum, and we should all be very proud of our team achievement.

We think that £90,000 now looks attainable, once everyone who intends to make us a gift has done so, maybe even more!

On behalf of the Fundraising Team, our Regimental Trustees and all those involved in making our Memorial a reality, a very big thank you to all our donors. 

Mike Richardson - Fundraising Manager

To contribute, see How Can I Donate? on the left of this page.

18 March 2017

Devon councils join the appeal

As you will see on this week's Donors List (updated weekly), Barnstaple Town Council and Exeter City Council have now made donations towards our National Memorial appeal. This means that ten of our old Freedom Cities and Towns have generously contributed so far, as well as Bournemouth Borough Council, and Wareham and Martin Parish Council. You can see their logos in the sponsor's list on the left of this page. We are delighted that all these councils have decided to support their old County Regiment.

In addition, we have received gifts from some 50 more individuals during the past week, whose names will be inscribed in our smart, leather-bound Donors' Book that will show our friends and relations, in the years to come, who supported our Regiment in creating this great National Memorial.

Very many thanks to you all.

Photo: Barnstaple Clock Tower by Black Kite at English Wikipedia.

14 March 2017

Kohima figure now complete

Our National Memorial sculptor, Vivien Mallock, has now finished the second of our three National Memorial figures; 'Kohima'. Simon Young and John Gaye visited Vivien's studio to view the completed article and were delighted with the result.

Visit our Memorial News Page to read all about it and see more photos. 



The Legion d’honneur was established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte and is France’s highest distinction which is awarded to military and civilians alike.

Pat Peters: 16th Mar 2017 09:50:00


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